Monday, September 16, 2013

Axis 360: Our New Alternative for E-Books

Our e-book services are expanding!  Axis 360 is a new service which lets you check out a wider variety of e-books than ever.  It allows the library to purchase e-books that we can’t get through Overdrive, our main e-book service. Our collection of Axis 360 books is small now, but we’re adding new books all the time. Axis 360 books may be available in three different formats—EPUB and PDF, which are also used in Overdrive, and another format called Blio. EPUB and PDF are easier to use, so we recommend those. Be sure to click on EPUB or PDF instead of Blio when downloading your book.

How you download books depends on what kind of e-reader you have.  Some e-readers need to be connected to a computer, and others allow you to download books directly to your device. Just find your device in the list below.

If you want to read the book on your computer, or on one of these e-readers, you can download books through the library’s website. You can either search for them in the catalog and click on the book you want, or go directly to our Axis 360 page.  To get to Axis 360, go to the library’s webpage at, and click Catalogs. In the dropdown menu, click EBOOKS, and then click on Axis 360. When you find a book you want, click on it more information. Click here for more detailed instructions for downloading your book.

To get started on these devices, you can download the Axis Reader app from the app store. Click here for detailed instructions.

With the Kindle Fire, you can download e-books directly from your device with the Axis Reader app, but you need to install the app by connecting the device to your computer.  Click here for detailed instructions. Unfortunately, Axis 360 doesn’t currently work with original (e-ink) Kindles.

Android devices with access to the Google Play store can download the Axis Reader there, and then download e-books directly on their device. Click here for instructions. 

Downloading your first e-book may seem a little complicated, but once your device is set up, all the others will be easy. If you need help, give us a call at 876-5861 option 2, or bring your device by the Reference Department at the Main Library. Happy e-reading!