Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Access Video on Demand: 18,000 Videos Online

Are you a fan of documentaries?  Were you the kind of kid who couldn't wait for the teacher to show a film in class?  Maybe you're still that kind of kid?  If so, we have a great database for you.  Access Video on Demand offers over 18,000 informative videos and documentaries.  You can watch videos from the BBC, the History Channel, Ken Burns, PBS, Scientific American Frontiers, and many more.

To explore the videos, go to bit.ly/mytplvideo. You will be asked for your library card number, and then you're in!  (If you are at one of our library computers, you can skip the library card login by clicking this link instead, but it only works from within the library.)

Once you login to Access Video on Demand, we recommend that you create a user account.  This allows you bookmark your favorite videos, and even make video playlists. To browse videos by subject, you can scroll down the home page to view thumbnail images of popular videos, or click Collections, as in the image below. You can use the search box to search for videos by keyword.  Each video is divided into labeled segments, and you can search for segments about a certain topic by selecting "By Segments" in the search box.  If you want to find entire videos on a topic, change this to "By Title".

If you have a particular producer you like, such as Ken Burns or the BBC, click on "Featured Producers". This shows you a selection of production companies:

Whatever your interests, you're sure to find a video you enjoy in Access Video on Demand!