Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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A lot of students during the summer want to veg out and relax, creating a bit of a summer slide. Don't let this happen to you or your kids! Have fun with educational packs and programs available in the SkillsCenter of tutor.com through HomeworkLA.org and by being a part of the library Summer Reading Program starting May 31st! Kids and adults welcome with reading prizes!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Working Americans: A Historical Collection

The library’s reference collection contains hundreds of titles of interesting, up to date information about all manner of subjects, but did you know you could find some of those books online? One of the best resources available is Working Americans.

Each volume of the Working Americans series by Grey House Publishing covers a different aspect of American life. Click the link to check out the following with descriptions from the publisher:

Working Americans Vol. 1: The Working Class, 2nd Edition

The updated Second Edition of this important reference work focuses on the lifestyles and economic life of working class families and looks, decade by decade, into the kind of work they did, the homes they lived in, the food and clothes they bought, the entertainment they sought as well as the society and history that shaped the world Americans worked in from 1880 to 2012. From the wealth of government surveys, social worker histories, economic data, family diaries and letters, newspaper and magazine features, this unique reference assembles a remarkably personal and realistic look at the lives of ordinary working Americans.