Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Learning Express Library 3.0: A New Version of a Classic

One of our most highly-recommended databases has an all new look. Whenever patrons ask us for resources on learning better computer skills, preparing for tests like the ACT, SAT, HiSET, and GRE, or improving a many other skills, we send them to Learning Express Library. It's a comprehensive online resource offering ebooks, practice tests, and even video-based tutorials and courses on skills needed throughout the lifespan. The new version, Learning Express 3.0, has a completely redesigned and updated interface.

To see the new Learning Express, go to the library's website at and click on Databases by Name. Now click on "L" to find both the new and classic versions (we've left the old one in place, in case people are used to it, and would rather stick with that one.) If you click on the link for Learning Express 3.0 from a computer outside our libraries, you'll see a screen that asks you to enter your library card. Enter the full card number with no spaces, and then you'll come to a screen like this:

Learning Express Library is divided into different "centers" devoted to particular topics such as computer skills, college preparation, high school equivalency tests, and more. You can scroll through the centers in the middle of the page, or click "All Centers" in the navigation bar to see them listed all at once:

Let's take a look at the Popular Software Skills Center, to see how the centers are organized. Say you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel. Click on "Master Microsoft Office" in the middle of the page and you'll go to a page devoted to all the different applications in the Office Suite--you can see them listed on the left side of the page.

It's important to pay attention to the options on the left side, to make sure you see everything Learning Express offers. Now click on "Microsoft Excel." This brings you to a page with tutorials on the latest version of Excel. However, if you notice the bar just above the list of tutorials, you can also click to find a list of tutorials for other versions.

Now simply click "Launch" to start one of the tutorials (or ebooks or practice tests, in other cases). The first time you do, you'll need to create an account with Learning Express. This only takes a few seconds, and it lets you save your favorite resources in a personalized folder, as well as track your progress with courses and practice tests.

Whether you're trying to master a new computer program, practice for a test, or learn new work skills, Learning Express 3.0 is a great place to start. If you have any questions, give the Reference Department a call at 876-5861, extension 2.