Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fold 3 History and Genealogy Archives

If you're interested in history and genealogy, our newest database may be right down your alley. Fold3 History and Genealogy Archives has over 50 million pages of historical documents, including presidential papers, historic treaties, military rolls, photographs, maps, and more. To access Fold 3, go to the library's homepage at www.mytpl.org and click "Research" on the navigation bar. Then click "Databases by Name" and look for Fold3. If you're outside the library, you'll be asked to enter your library card number, and then you'll see the Fold3 homepage.

The front page has links to many of the resources available within Fold3. However Fold3 itself is just one database in this package--there are also five others to explore, as shown in the image below.

Each of these databases contains a huge number of historical documents. The best way to see what each one offers is to select one from the dropdown menu, and then click "Browse" next to the search box. This opens up a page that lets you see what collections are included in each database, and then explore what's in each collection. For example, the picture below shows how you can pick "City Directories", then pick a city (New Orleans in this case), and then pick a year.

Fold 3 History and Genealogy Archives has so many historic resources that it's hard to give a brief overview. The best way to get started is to simply open it up and start exploring. In the Revolutionary War Archives, for example, you can look through papers from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, as well as George Washington's wartime correspondence. In Fold 3 itself you can browse milestone documents in American history such as the surrender of Germany or the repeal of prohibition. You can even search through Air Force documents about UFO reports! You never know what kind of records you will stumble across.

If you have any questions about Fold3 History and Genealogy Archives, give us a call at 876-5861, option 2. We hope you enjoy browsing through American history!