Monday, June 1, 2009

Hurricane Season: Be Ready!

On June 1st begins Hurricane Season 2009. We all learned a tough lesson last year as Hurricane Gustav decided to make this area his target and sent many of us packing in a general evacuation.

Well, until November 30th, we're under the threat of hurricanes again, and it might be a good idea to read up on just how we can make ourselves more ready and thus safer this year.

Preparedness Links

Terrebonne Readiness and Assistance Coalition

Louisiana Governor's Office: Get a Game Plan

National Hurricane Center's "Be Prepared" Website

Louisiana Department of Transportation Contraflow Maps--Must be printed in "landscape."

The Department of Health and Human Services Hurricane Preparedness Tips

Hurricane Supply Checklist

The Red Cross Hurricane Evacuation Supply Checklist

Weather Monitoring

The National Weather Service's Hurricane Center

Stormpulse Hurricane tracking

NOAA Hurricane Tracking Chart--Print and use.

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