Monday, August 10, 2009

TOPS-Friendly Databases

So. School is back in, huh? And maybe this year you or someone you know really has to start getting serious in order to meet TOPS core curriculum requirements.

Well, the Terrebonne Parish Library System has some databases that will definitely help make getting through the TOPS curriculum easier.

Click on the course side for databases that may help.

Carnegie Units Course

4 English I, II, III, and IV

1 Algebra I (or 2 units of Algebra IA and IB)

1 Algebra II

1 Geometry, Trig, Calculus or Advanced Math

1 Biology

1 Chemistry

1 Earth Science, Environmental Science,
Physical Science, Biology II, Chemistry II,
Physics I or II, or Physics for Technology

1 American History

1 World History, Western Civilization,
or World Geography

1 Civics and Free Enterprise

1 Fine Arts Survey
(or 2 units of performance, visual art,
studio art; or 1 unit from other
subjects in this curriculum)

2 A single foreign language

.5 Computer Science, Computer Literacy,
or Business Computer Applications

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