Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Library Card Sign-Up Month

Did you know that studies have shown that kids who have library cards make better grades than kids who don't have library cards? Did you know studies have also shown that adults who get library cards lose, on average, ten pounds within a year of getting it?

Just kidding about that last part, but the first part is true.

So, if you have a library card already, encourage a friend--especially a young friend--who doesn't have one to get one. And if you don't have one, GET ONE! They're free if you've never had one before and are available at any branch. If you had a library card and lost it at some point, the replacement fee is five dollars.

For a child to get a library card, they need a parent or guardian's signature and must be able to write their first and last name.

If you can, help a child get a library card and introduce him or her to the library. You'll be opening the door to a bigger, brighter, more successful world for that child...and for all of us.

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