Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Need a place to study?

With the holiday season over for a while, many of us are looking ahead to midterm exams and of course those dreaded cram sessions. Fortunately, the library can help you get on the right track by providing the perfect setting. The main library has several study rooms where you can meet to study with a group. You can book a room for up to 6 people for free. All you need is a library card. To do this you can come in and ask to reserve a study room at the reference desk or you can call and reserve one over the phone at 985-876-5861 ext. 201 or 202. Our study rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, dry erase boards, wireless internet, and electrical outlets for your laptop.

For those who prefer to study alone, the library has a Quiet Study room. Quiet Study is perfect for any individual who needs a quiet place to read or write. You don’t need a reservation to use the Quiet Study room; you can walk in anytime. The room is full of tables, comfy chairs, and a lot of windows. Like the study rooms, it has wireless internet access and laptop plug-ins.

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