Friday, February 25, 2011

New Ancestry Resources

At the reference desk, we often hear "I already checked that" from search savvy patrons who did some information tracking of their own before turning to the reference staff for help. With a print resource, like a book, you may not need to check more than once to see if the information you're after is in there. It's either in there, or it's not.

Digital resources are a whole different ballgame. Most of our databases are continually updated, with thousands of new records added monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily. So even if you've "already checked that" database, it may be worth another look.

Ancestry is one of these continually updated sources worth checking on a regular basis. Our library invests in an annual Ancestry Library Edition subscription, so that you can access most of their records for free as long as you are in one of our branches.

In 2011, Ancestry has already added significant new African American records, as well as additional resources for folks with English, German, Australian, Canadian, or New Zealand ancestry. The new African American resources include:

Notable Louisiana resources in Ancestry for people tracing African American roots before 1820 include the Louisiana Slave Records 1719-1820 and the Louisiana Freed Slave Records 1719-1820. Louisiana Freedmen's Bureau Records are also available online at, organized by parish.

To receive monthly updates as new records are added, go to and enter your email address in the "Get the Free Newsletter" box in the lower right hand corner of the page. To learn more about tracing your ancestry at Terrebonne Parish Library, drop by the main library, and stay tuned to our blog!
-Jennifer Hamilton

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