Monday, October 5, 2015

Learn over 60 languages with Mango at the library!

Mango's a great way to learn over 60 languages (including pirate!) for free for Terrebonne Parish library patrons! Follow the easy instructions below to start learning today or click here for Mango on the library's page.

Step 1: Find Mango

Find Mango on the library's website (click here!) If you are not in a Terrebonne Parish library, the website will ask for your library card number.

Step 2 (optional): Username and Password

On the login screen, you have the option to create a login and password, which will allow Mango to remember where you left off the next time you login and allow you to use the phone and tablet apps. If you want to skip this, just click "start learning."

Step 3: Pick Your Study

Choose your language and level of instruction. Basic courses are a fast and easy way to learn polite conversation. Complete courses are more in-depth.

Step 4: Access Mango

Once you've made your selections, Mango will confirm your browser's compatibility, load your course, and the Welcome screen will display. You're ready to begin!

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