Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Keep Your Brain Strong All Summer With Tutor.com!

A lot of students during the summer want to veg out and relax, creating a bit of a summer slide. Don't let this happen to you or your kids! Have fun with educational packs and programs available in the SkillsCenter of tutor.com through HomeworkLA.org and by being a part of the library Summer Reading Program starting May 31st! Kids and adults welcome with reading prizes!

To access the SkillsCenter, go to HomeworkLA.org and click the following for Study, Test Prep, and Career Resources:



Also, all summer long we'll be posting on the blog math problems to exercise your brain! Come back next week for the answers!

Math Grades 1-5

Tomas’ family owns an Apple Farm and they are getting ready for the fall apple harvest. On the farm they have 180 apple trees. Each tree has about 150 apples on it. That’s a lot of apples! Tomas estimates that his workers will pick all the apples in 9 hours. How many apples does Tomas expect in all? How many apples will the workers pick each hour? How many pounds of apples would the workers have picked?

Math Grades 6-8

A palindrome is a number that is read the same forward and backward such as 88 and 242. Find the number of palindromes there are between 0 and 1000. Write a phrase or sentence that is a palindrome.

Math Grades 9-12

You are off on a mystery vacation. Your airplane leaves Paris, France traveling at an average speed of 500 miles per hour. After 26 minutes, the plane is flying over another country’s capital. Name the capital city. Can you also name any monuments or landmarks that you might see in the City?

Give your answers below in the comments!

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