Thursday, November 24, 2016

Five Tips From How to Win Friends and Influence People

Today, November 24th, is the birthday of Dale Carnegie. Carnegie was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, published in 1936 and arguably the first self-help book. The book contains many tips on how to live your life to be more popular. Here are six lessons you can take away from the book.

Appreciate Others

When dealing with other people, take the time to learn where they are coming from. Do not criticize or complain to them, but give an appreciation for what they've done. Once you know where they are coming from, you can align your goals with theirs for mutual benefit.

Listen and Smile

Everyone wants to be heard. By giving someone the time to talk out their problems, you can learn what they need. Do so with a smile and an acknowledgment of them as an individual, and they will respond to you.

Respect Talk and Avoid Confrontation

When dealing with others, avoid arguments and attempt to foster discussion. By letting the other person talk and hearing them out, they will be more apt to listen to your side and appeal to your motives. Begin with friendly questions the person will say "yes" to and never condemn their opinion.

Lead with Questions and Encouragement

When in a leadership position, remember that no one wishes to be bossed around or unappreciated. Never call out mistakes or errors directly. Instead question the person about the problem and find ways together to correct the behavior. For good behavior, remember to give out praise and respect not only to the person's face but to others.

Bring Communication to Your Home Life

The same rules for gaining friends and helping with business can be applied at home with your partner. Remember to never criticize or condemn; rather communicate with your partner using appreciation and questions to reach mutual goals.

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