Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bandwidth and Us

Ever since Gustav blew through town and proved once again that man is but a feeble worm compared to the might of Mother Nature, our normal, super-fast 20 meg satellite network has been down. We've been using a temporary 3 meg network that has really. Slowed. Us. Down. "From a ten-inch sewer pipe to a drinking straw," is how one patron put it. Yes, data in and out is down to a veritable trickle.

In order to make sure that everyone gets as fair and fast an experience as possible, we've been asking patrons to avoid applications that use a lot of bandwidth. Applications like Youtube, MySpace and iTunes just try to cram too much data through our storm-narrowed information arteries and make it next to impossible to get real research and work done.

So if you come by to visit and use our computers, do us a favor and wait a few weeks until our network is back to normal to view that YouTube video of a dancing cat falling into a punchbowl. It will still be there, I promise.

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