Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Early Voting & The Louisiana Gumbo Project

Early Voting

I'm letting people know a day late, but a patron just let me know that early voting started yesterday in Louisiana. I confirmed it with WWL. It will run through October 28th, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. No matter where you are, just contact your Parish registrar of voters and find out where to go--chances are it won't be your normal polling place. Early polls indicate turnout on November 4th will be heavy, so you might consider it. In Terrebonne Parish, the Registrar's office is on the first floor of the Terrebonne Parish Court House across from St. Francis. You can call them at (985) 873-6533 for more information.

The Louisiana Gumbo Project

Not long ago, Judy Smith with the Louisiana Section of the State Library came down to Terrebonne Parish to show us all the new grant-funded Louisiana Gumbo Project, which is basically a multi-subject, multimedia database of all-things Louisiana, including sound recordings, art, maps, recipes, photographs and lots of other nifty Louisiana-ania. It is all re-arrangeable, customizable, searchable, downloadable and save-able. A dream for a reference librarian with an eighth grade Louisiana history student (and her mom) standing in front of him. Even if you aren't a librarian or an eighth grader, browsing through it might make you smile. And if living here after Gustav is wearing a little thin on you, browsing through it might remind you of why it might not be so bad, after all.

The material for the Project was gleaned from a variety of places, including the Historic New Orleans Collection and the Louisiana State Museum.

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