Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Workplace Safety Information

Every day in America, according to the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration, sixteen people die while doing their jobs. Of course, some are firefighters or police killed in the line of duty while doing jobs that are by nature somewhat dangerous. But others are just regular folks who become the victims of inattention, ill-training, recklessness or, worst of all, a co-worker or customer's criminal intent or mental illness.

Below are some links that you or someone you know might find informative (or life saving). Pass the information along.

OSHA--The Occupational Safety Hazard Administration--The Federal agency charged with making sure that American workplaces know what being safe means...and with making sure that workers can blow the whistle on those which aren't.

Centers for Disease Control's Workplace Safety--A well-organized and comprehensive resource on occupational and workplace safety, complete with easy-to-understand publications.

The National Institute of Occupational Safety Hazards (NIOSH)--Has a great website that helps you answer the question: "Is my workplace safe?"

The National Safety Council--This hotlink will take you to the website of the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas chapter of the National Safety Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to safer products and workplaces.

The Louisiana Department of Labor's Workplace Safety FAQ--Questions and answers about running a safe workplace.

Fatal Facts--OSHA Reports about specific situations in which workers died on the job. Includes investigator opinions as to how the accidents might have been avoided.

Louisiana's Worker's Compensation Page--Links for if the unthinkable happens.

Safety and Health Topics: Workplace Violence (OSHA)--Dealing with co-workers who may be unstable and potentially violent.

Workplace Violence--An excellent handbook, written by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about the danger of workplace violence and how it can be dealt with by co-workers, supervisors and law enforcement.

The USDA Handbook on Workplace Violence Prevention and Response

Workplace Safety Education

The Terrebonne Parish Library has a wide selection of industrial and workplace safety videos and books available.

Terrebonne Parish Catalog Search: "Industrial Safety."


Jonathan said...

There are a number of personal safety concerns that can be forgotten on the job site. These may not be life or death matters, but you should at least do what you can to make them non issues. It is generally a simple process that can be carried out at a low cost. Then again, the Internet has made just about everything possible at an affordable rate.


Jonathan said...

Accident at workplace may cause serious injuries to the workers. It can result in whiplash injuries such as muscle spasms, neck pain, soft tissue pain, frequent headaches, ringing in the ear, tiredness and some times numbness too. Some of them even complain of blurred vision and deafness. This may result out of stressful physical activity at work place. These injuries are commonly seen in slips, trips or falls. Thus, it causes a long term neck discomfort and pain. These accidents can occur at a construction site, factory, warehouse, a shop, office or even on the road. Your injury at work place may be caused by your employer, a fellow employee or another company at your place of work. For more details visit us at Accidents At Work.

Jay Parmar said...
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john said...

And thanks to OSHA safety guidelines, osha safety training, approved PPE, and more, the number of injuries and accidents can be decreased.