Monday, September 7, 2015

New Access Video On Demand Videos!

Are you a fan of documentaries?  Were you the kind of kid who couldn't wait for the teacher to show a film in class?  Maybe you're still that kind of kid?  If so, we have a great database for you.  Access Video on Demand offers over 18,000 informative videos and documentaries.  You can watch videos from the BBC, the History Channel, Ken Burns, PBS, Scientific American Frontiers, and many more.

Click here to be taken to this service! You'll need your library card to view!

Here are some examples of new videos in this collection:

The Genius of Roald Dahl

 Roald Dahl is the one of the most successful children’s authors of all time. His words weave magical worlds and his characters continue to charm and terrify new generations. Comedian and best-selling author David Walliams delves into Dahl’s world, along the way meeting those who knew him best. He travels to Cardiff, where Dahl was raised on Norwegian fairy tales and experienced school trauma that later informed his books; visits Dahl’s Buckinghamshire home to understand his appreciation of nature; examines Dahl’s writing hut to learn about the creative process; and interviews Dahl experts about his use of humor to cushion dark subject matter. Walliams also investigates how personal tragedies influenced Dahl’s moral compass and family values.

Children's Haircut 

This instructional film demonstrates the very first steps in hairdressing. It teaches you how to hold the scissors and comb correctly, how best to cut your child's hair, and it will give you a method of cutting the hair that is simple to understand and do. Included are demonstrations of how to cut an outline, how to layer, and how to use clippers. Learn hint and tips along the way that have taken John over 30 years to perfect.

Fallout & Recovery 

This film provides an overview of Vietnam War events from the 1968 Paris Peace Talks to the 1975 communist takeover of South Vietnam, including a discussion of economic and political policies during the 1970s and 1980s. In 1972, Nixon ordered the majority of US troops back. In 1974, after Watergate, he resigned. The US embassy was evacuated on April 30th 1975. Southern Vietnamese soldiers and civilians faced a backlash from the North and U.S. veterans faced dishonor and neglect back home. Today, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee producer, still ruled by a communist government and moving at the pace of China.

War Art, with Eddie Redmayne

Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne explores war art and how conflict's compelling stimulus to the imagination has created some of our richest and most powerful artistic inspiration. He takes an intensely emotional journey, visiting artists' studios, museums and travelling to battlefield locations to discover how artists have shone a powerful light into the abyss of warfare, leaving a unique legacy. This film includes works by Artists Rifle Regiment members Paul and John Nash, Christopher Nevinson, Eric Kennington, and David Bomberg, as well as contemporary artists Peter Howson, Graeme Lothian, and Julia Midgley. It also discusses propaganda and censorship issues as artists struggle to balance portraying the realities of war with public acceptance.

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