Friday, September 18, 2015

This Week in Terrebonne History: Water, Water, Everywhere

Welcome to another addition of This Week in Terrebonne History! For this week we go back 25 years to look at some flooding, 50 years for more effects of Hurricane Betsy, and 75 years to see international news from World War II. All information is pulled from the main library's genealogy collection, specifically the Houma Courier microfilm archives.

Tuesday, September 18th, 1990

Headlines from Houma Daily Courier

  • "Another Rainy Afternoon"- Much of Terrebonne flooded this day in history, including Holiday Drive (above picture) and the Gulf Intercoastal Waterway Tunnel. Captain John Dixon of the Houma Police Department said, "One or two vehicles drowned and had to be pulled out [of the tunnel]."
  • "NSU faculty backs off on farm records" - The Nicholls State University Faculty Senate voted not to review the financial records of the university farm after allegations over an investigation of university President Donald Ayo allegedly paying to keep horses on the farm.
  • "Three Thibodeaux teams celebrate a clean sweep" - Three Thibodeaux football teams won their games this week, including Thibodeaux who beat Terrebonne, E D White who beat Assumption, and NSU who beat Northwestern State.


  • The UA Twin began showing Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and Pump Up the Volume with Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis this week.


  • For the shopper, a Whirlpool washer could be had for as low as $359.

Friday, September 17th, 1965

Headlines from The Houma Courier

  • "Terrebonne Disaster's Needy to Get Commodity Surplus Foods" - Recovery efforts from Hurricane Betsy continue with aid coming in, such as the above photo.
  • "School Board Alters Disaster Procedures" - Some schools in the parish had not been opened as evacuation shelters, causing enough complaints for the school board to alter procedures.



  • For the shopper, a Whirlpool washer could be had for $148.88.

Wednesday, September 18th, 1940

Headlines from Houma Courier

  • "Rouen- Under the Nazi Heel" and "Bomb Threatens St. Paul's" - Above images show the devastation Nazi Germany inflicted on France and England.
  • "Exchange Club Votes to Work for Library" - The Exchange Club helped passage of one mill tax to continue library services for approximately $10,000.



  • While it's not a washing machine, a 1941 Studebaker could be yours for $690.

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