Monday, August 8, 2016

Beat the Heat: Axis360 will keep you reading

We’ve done a brief overview of everything and gone in-depth with Flipster, now let’s dive into eBooks! The library has a few ways to get ebooks, but going in alphabetical order let’s look at Axis360.

Axis360 is a robust ebook environment that is available on your browser and on your favorite device. Made by book vending company Baker and Taylor, Axis360 has a lot of books the competition does not have. To access directly Axis360, click here.

Let’s dive in and see what it’s all about, shall we.

To access Axis360 you need three things:

Your library card number

That’s the long number under the bar code on the back of your library card.

Your library PIN

Your personal identification number for the library is your birth date in six digits. For example, if your birth date was December 3, 1972 your birth date would be 120372. If it was the day this article was posted, August 8, 2016, your PIN would be 080816.

A device (computer, smartphone, tablet, Kindle Fire, et.)

To see what devices Axis360 supports, click here.

To access Axis360

Accounts can be set up and maintained from the web or from an app.

Access Axis360 from the web by clicking here, and login on the top right.

Find apps for your device by clicking here.

Most will simply ask that you login with your library card number and PIN. After that, you can read from your device offline after you download.

* At this time, Axis360 does not support older model kindles that do not run apps.

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